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With Yad Sarah you can visit Israel

Yad Sarah now provides personalized services for tourists with special needs.

A “personal anchor” will coordinate your arrangements and stay in touch with you throughout your stay, to deal with every eventuality and provide solutions for problems and changes that may occur.

Advance notice is usually required for the services, all provided by volunteers. They include:

  • Equipping your hotel room to make your stay more comfortable
  • Borrowing medical /rehab equipment (from anyYad Sarah branch ountrywide).
  • Borrowing oxygen cylinders / concentrators.
  • Transportation to and from the airport (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa)
  • Inter-city and inner-city transportation – for sightseeing or other purpose.
  • Advice about easy access tourist sites.

And last of all – if, heaven forbid, something should happen to you while in Israel, it won’t take long for your host, hotel or guide to lead you to Yad Sarah for crutches, a wheelchair, a walker or a cane.

Whether you need assistance with transportation, equipment loans, or outfitting your hotel room with adaptive equipment, Yad Sarah can help you remain active and independent during your visit to Israel.

Borrow Medical & Adaptive Equipment

Available in: Yad Sarah branches nationwide
Terms: Deposit varies according to item + delivery charge
Notice needed: 1 week, preferably
Comments: For most equipment, no notice

Equip Your Hotel Room

Available in: Most cities in Israel
Terms: Deposit for equipment + transport costs
Notice needed: 3 weeks
Comments: Subject to hotel policy

Borrow Oxygen Cylinders / Concentrators

Available in: Yad Sarah branches in major cities
Terms: Deposit for equipment + delivery charge if required
Notice needed: 2 weeks, preferably
Comments: Personal tubing & masks should be brought

Get Transportation To/From Ben Gurion Airport

Available in: Most major cities in Israel
Terms: Fees subject to destination
Notice needed: At least 2 weeks
Comments: Subject to availability of vehicle. Service 8am – 10pm not on the Sabbath or holidays

Get Transportation and/or Tours

Available in: Jerusalem & Tel Aviv
Terms: Fixed fees
Notice needed: 2 weeks
Comments: It is possible to make arrangements with shorter notice

Get Information on Touring Israel

Available in: Via services for tourists
Terms: Free of charge
Notice needed: Office hours: Sun-Thurs 9am – 5pm (Jerusalem time)
Comments: Information given by fax, phone, or e-mail

Transportation is subject to availability of vehicles.
There is no transportation service on the Sabbath or Jewish holidays.

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