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It is only through Yad Sarah’s transportation ambulances they get to leave their homes

Yad Sarah has been providing humanitarian and medical assistance to all in Israel – Yad Sarah has served everyone regardless of race, religion, nationality, economic standing, ethnicity, gender or other affiliation – both residents and tourists for 45 years. Every single day, more than 1500 people are cared for by our national network of 9000 volunteers and 150 professional staff. That’s in excess of 600,000 people every year.

From greeting a tourist at the airport with a mobile oxygen tank so that he or she can attend their granddaughter’s wedding to providing a cancer-surviving amputee with a complete home-based recovery system, including specialist beds and monitoring equipment, Yad Sarah has become a national treasure and vital resource.

As well as urgently needing to replace Yad Sarah’s ambulances that have reached the end of their working lives to free people from their homes, due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Israel Yad Sarah has established a new service – The Coronavirus Hotline.

Currently and this number is rising daily, there are approximately 70,000 Israeli citizens in quarantine in their homes, some in need of vital medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders, respiratory and orthopaedic equipment, and more. This service is over and above the home hospitalisation service and transportation service that Yad Sarah runs.

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Due to the quarantine, people, especially the elderly are not able to get the equipment they need, our new service is providing an urgent solution to people who need medical equipment but, because they are in quarantine, cannot leave their homes to borrow it from a Yad Sarah branch.

The equipment is transported by a dedicated mobile unit of the organisation, and volunteers wearing protective clothing place the medical equipment outside the homes of those in quarantine.

This has put even more urgency in our need to replace out of service ambulances and to purchase additional vans in order to service the needs and demands on us from people across the country.

As we all fight this virus together, we know we can count on you to help us in our current need and to continue the fight for freedom for thousands of Israelis for whom this is without us, not a 14 day isolation but a way of life.

Wishing you all well over Pesach,

Michael Marks
Head of Fundraising

It is only through Yad Sarah people in isolation receive urgently needed medical equipment

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