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Yad Sarah – Press release 9 March 2020

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus in Israel, Yad Sarah is establishing a new service – The Coronavirus Hotline.

Currently, there are approximately 70,000 Israeli citizens in quarantine in their homes, some in need of vital medical equipment such as oxygen cylinders, respiratory and orthopedic equipment, and more. This service is over and above the home hospitalization service that Yad Sarah runs and assists 20,000 families annually.

Due to the quarantine, they are not able to get the equipment they need, so Yad Sarah, the largest volunteer organization in Israel, is setting up a new and accessible service. It will provide an emergency service to people who need medical equipment but, because they are in quarantine, cannot leave their homes to borrow it from a Yad Sarah branch.

The equipment will be transported by a dedicated mobile unit of the organization, and volunteers wearing protective clothing will place the medical equipment outside the homes of those in quarantine.

The service is provided voluntarily, and requires a deposit for the equipment, which can be arranged by telephone through the Coronavirus Hotline.

The hotline will operate from 08:00 until 17:00, and the equipment will be supplied throughout the country within 24 hours.

In addition, Yad Sarah continues to operate and to supply all of its 116 branches throughout the country with necessary medical equipment.

The Coronavirus Hotline number:  +972-2-6444639.

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