Children's Play Area - Beit Helena

In the play centre there is a games room, a computer room, a creative arts room, an imagination room and a library. All these provide the child and his parents with experiential and varied activities.

The uniqueness of the Beit Helena Play Centre is in the view of the parents’ role as partners in playing with their children. The active presence of the parents is a necessary condition for play at the centre. This parent-child experience is enjoyable for both, empowers the child, and helps develop the relationship between them, especially important for children with special needs.

The centre offers professional guidance and the lending of professional literature.

Referral to the play centre or permission to borrow games is granted by therapists and other professionals who are in a therapeutic / educational relationship with the child.

On Wednesday afternoons, the playground is open to the general public. Visits must be arranged in advance. In the morning, the playground is open to groups / kindergartens / classes for experiential activities.

Who is eligible?

Children with mild developmental delays, sensorimotor difficulties, learning disabilities, language and communication difficulties

Important to know

Mornings: activities for children between birth and 3 years old Afternoons: activities for children aged 3-9


Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd, Jerusalem, 7th floor Sun -Thu: 8:00-19:00