Letter From Dinner Chair

Dear Friends,

Rarely do we find a non-profit organization that is relied upon by every member of society and used at some time or other by almost all, regardless of wealth, religion or ethnicity.

In a time of national cuts, affecting every sector of UK society, imagine the NHS ceasing to provide all medical equipment outside of hospitals. No more crutches, walking sticks, or wheelchairs… in Israel this is the reality.

In Israel there is no cradle-to-grave NHS, in Israel the Social Services do not equip homes for the disabled – so Yad Sarah is there instead. Each year the whole population of Israel knows that Yad Sarah is there for them and over 400,000 people use their services annually.

These are not just the poor members of society but people from every sector of Israel. They do not just help cancer patients or stroke patients, the disabled, pensioners, teens, new mothers or babies, they help them all throughout the country.

In the UK we are fortunate that our government provide these services but Israel which was established in the same year as the NHS is not so fortunate. Yad Sarah is there for everyone in Israel and I hope you will join me and be there for them.

I look forward to welcoming you at the UK’s Bi-Anual Dinner in aid of Yad Sarah to raise funds to buy three much needed ambulances and support Israel’s sick people in such a vital way.

Lawrence Harding
Dinner Chair