Home Rehabilitation

Volunteers in the Yad Sarah home hospital department are determined to prevent the ills of public health: Contagion and infections, as well as mental exhaustion and a lack of motivation for recovery. Yad Sarah provides a comprehensive program for rehabilitation at home for the patient. Supported by loving family members and in familiar surroundings, the patient experiences fewer complications and a more rapid and effective medical response.

Those wishing to undergo rehab at home can order a free in-home hospital room from Yad Sarah that includes an adjustable bed, a patient hoist, and a special armchair with a seat lift. This is in addition to the other items available at Yad Sarah's branches, such as an oxygen generator, an infusion stand, and more.

The service also offers an alternative to chronically ill or elderly people who need hospital equipment for long term care, but want to stay at home, rather than move to a long term care facility.

Who is eligible?

People with chronic illnesses who need medical equipment at home


Availability Throughout Israel

Important to know

The department provides hospital equipment at home to patients of all ages.