The Emergency Room

Frenkel Center

The Frenkel Emergency Medical Center

At Yad Sarah

The emergency medical center at Yad Sarah leads the country in its quality and professionalism and is one of the best in the world.
Visitors to any one of the three emergency rooms receive quick, professional, quality care. Expert doctors in a variety of fields, highly qualified nurses, and top lab technicians provide a first-rate medical response to all. The advanced medical technology at the center allows the staff to reach a speedy and accurate diagnosis and to provide excellent treatment.


Highly trained emergency physicians and auxiliary staff are available for immediate response to all patients. Upon arrival at the EMC, the triage team determines the condition of the patient and refers him/her to a qualified physician or for further testing and lab work. At the completion of treatment, the patient can borrow any necessary medical equipment from the lending center located in the emergency room. This includes breathing apparatus, oxygen etc.


The children’s emergency room is totally separate from the main ER and provides an immediate medical response to pediatric patients and their parents. Pediatricians on call offer children and babies specialized care uniquely suited to their medical needs. Adjoining the children’s ER, the dedicated nurses and volunteers provide support and a sense of calm for the children in a playroom filled with games and toys.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The women’s ER is also separate from the main ER and provides an immediate medical response as well as comfort and privacy. The highly professional doctors are assisted by ultrasound technicians and offer advanced medical diagnostics and treatment geared specifically to women

Lab Services

The Emergency Medical Center at Yad Sarah provides advanced laboratory and other services that include: • X-ray/ Imaging • Fetal Monitoring • EKG • Heart Monitoring • Ultrasound • Pharmacy • Plaster casts