The Community Pharmacy

Medicine is not a luxury!

Yad Sarah is always responsive to the needs of its clients, creating new services as the need arises. Volunteers became aware that some of our regular customers were having difficulty paying for their medications. And Health for All became a reality!

The Community Pharmacy operates thanks to a national campaign for the collection of unused prescription drugs at Yad Sarah branches. In some cases, with the help of donations, medications that are not readily available through the health funds are purchased and dispensed to those who need them.

All medicines are stored in optimal conditions to maintain their quality, under the supervision of the head pharmacist of Health for All. Those who no longer need life-saving medications they have at home can donate them at any Yad Sarah branch, knowing that the community pharmacy will dispense them to those who need them most.

Requests for service, information or medications from around the country are answered by volunteers who send the packages, dispensed by the pharmacist on-call, to their doorstep. Heart to heart!

Who is eligible?

Those with chronic and acute illnesses in dire need of medications


Jerusalem and its surrounding area

Important to know

All medications are stored under optimal conditions to maintain their quality.