Home Hospitalisation

Volunteers in the Yad Sarah Home Hospital Department are determined to prevent the ills of public health: Contagion and infections, as well as emotional exhaustion and a lack of motivation for recovery.

Yad Sarah provides a comprehensive program for recuperation at home for the patient; supported by loving family members and in familiar surroundings, the patient experiences fewer complications and a more rapid and effective medical response.

Those wishing to recuperate at home can order a free in-home hospital room from Yad Sarah that includes an adjustable bed, a patient hoist, and a special armchair with seat lift. This is in addition to the other items available at Yad Sarah branches, such as an oxygen generator, an infusion stand, and more.

Home Hospital Care

Yad Sarah volunteers have been fulfilling the unique vision of Yad Sarah for more than 45 years. This vision includes providing hospitalised patients the opportunity to complete their recuperation at home by providing a home hospital kit with all the equipment needed for home care. An internal medicine (medical) ward is now available at home!

Yad Sarah offers home hospitalisation as a quality alternative to hospital care. In accordance with the doctor's recommendation, those in need of hospitalisation in the internal medicine (medical) wards may be released to a Yad Sarah hospital at home.

Yad Sarah maintains an arrangement with the physicians in the internal medicine wards, who provide personalised, focused care while closely monitoring the quality of the treatment and the patient’s progress.

Yad Sarah's preferred set of tests allows the physicians of the home hospital department to continuously monitor patient care. Tests are conducted at home and are immediately delivered to the lab – answers are received within the hour.

The experienced nursing staff, who manage the nursing home care department, provide the treatment at home, enabling the family to take part in the care of their loved one, thus providing the patient with maximum comfort.

Time and again, patients who choose Yad Sarah's Home Hospital Service have been shown to recover more quickly than they would have in the hospital.

Who is eligible?

Patients in need of a home hospital ward.

Who is eligible?

Patients in need of a home hospital ward.


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