The Salt Room

For the treatment of respiratory problems

The Salt Room is designed for strengthening and healing, especially for those suffering from various respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, and allergies.

The room is built of thick blocks of salt, giving the air a high salt concentration similar to the climate conditions in underground salt caves. Salinity is known for its ability to assist in the treatment and healing of the body.

A stay in Yad Sarah’s salt room, in pleasant surroundings, seated in comfortable armchairs and accompanied by relaxing music, creates an amazing therapeutic experience, which helps to release tensions and aids in the success of the treatment.

The treatment takes about one hour, during which the patients are asked to rest and breathe normally. The salt-saturated air is beneficial to both children and adults.

Who is eligible?

People suffering from respiratory problems and those who want to improve their quality of life

Important to know

The treatment takes place in tranquil surroundings in comfortable armchairs


Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd, Jerusalem Parking level -1 Sun -Thu: 8:00-19:00