Documentation of life stories

A legacy for future generations

The Life Stories Project is a service that enables seniors to share the stories of their lives and leave a written legacy for their families.

The service helps improve the quality of life of elderly people by alleviating loneliness, strengthening memory and cognitive function, and by re-acquainting family members with the strengths and characteristics of the person they have always loved and admired.

The process of writing the story begins with the storyteller, who expresses the desire to tell his or her life story. The trained and dedicated volunteers are carefully matched to the storyteller. The volunteer spends about ten sessions with them at home, listening to the story and recording it. When the writing is complete, photos and documents are added, and after editing and design, the story is published and the proud storyteller and family receive a beautifully bound book, a precious legacy for future generations.

The process takes about 6 months and the storyteller receives 3 copies and a disk.

Who is eligible?

All seniors including homebound seniors and Holocaust survivors who are interested in documenting their life stories

Important to know

There is a nominal fee of 720 NIS to cover a small part of the costs.


At 22 Yad Sarah branches throughout Israel