Hospitality Centre

The Hospitality Centre at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem provides a solution for families whose loved ones are hospitalised in the capital. In the hospitality units, the family members not only enjoy a comfortable and cosy place to stay, but can take a much needed break that recharges their energy to focus on their loved one.

It is heartwarming to read the feedback from satisfied guests:

"When we arrived, we expected just another place to sleep until our daughter was released. I opened the door and I saw a comfortable and well-equipped room, attention to detail, and all in very good taste. We couldn’t believe that all this was free of charge!"

"What a room! A five star hotel, fully equipped with such beautiful furniture, everything is excellent, and creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere. May God bless you for all of your good works..."

The units are fully equipped and designed to give the guests maximum comfort and relaxation. Each room has a bedroom and a foyer for sitting and resting.

Who is eligible?

For families whose family members are hospitalised in Jerusalem

Important to know

There is no fee.


Yad Sarah House, 124 Herzl Blvd, Jerusalem