Holocaust Survivors Department

The Holocaust Survivor Department provides support, information, and assistance to Holocaust survivors.

An array of volunteers keeps in regular contact to help ease their loneliness.

According to a study conducted by Yad Sarah, many of the elderly survivors of the Holocaust find it difficult to get institutionalized assistance due to the terrible past traumas they have experienced. Additional data collected by the department shows that there are circumstance unique just to Holocaust survivors, so it is often difficult to provide the same services to these seniors along with those who are not survivors.

Dedication and compassionate volunteers visit the survivors at home in order to relieve their loneliness and provide social interaction, while also offering assistance in the form of information about their rights in the community as well as the range of Yad Sarah services that can assist them: life story documentation, legal aid and assistance, mobile dental clinics, and more

If necessary, a volunteer keeps up a regular telephone connection in addition to home visits.

In addition, twice a year social events and parties are held for the survivors.

The service is provided free of charge in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Volunteers provide social interaction and other services through telephone contact to survivors throughout the country.

Who is eligible?

Holocaust survivors


Jerusalem and its surrounding area. Volunteers conduct some activities by telephone to anywhere in Israel.

Important to know

There is no fee